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Standard Summary

A development from the world record beating QuikR, the GTR has a larger strutted wing with an area of 13sqm to give the ultimate in all round performance, from good precise slow speed handling to fast high speed cruise. The GTR wing is the first wing to introduce STARS which is a unique stability and roll system that automatically adjusts the washout rods and leading edge tension in flight for optimum roll and trim authority. The wing lower surface is also vented to ensure that the wing profile is kept at its optimum throughout the speed range of 55-90mph.

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Wing Area 13sqm
Wing Span 9.26m
Max Straight & Level Speed 10Omph
Never Exceed Speed Vne 120mph
Trim Fast Cruise (max / min AUW) 65-90mph/55-90mph
Stall Speed 39mph
Climb Rate at MAUW 1000ft min
Rate Of Descent at MAUW 450ft min
Ultimate Strength +6g -3g
Wing Folded. Trike Upright
Overall Length 5.75m
Overall Height 2.96m
Overall Width 1.75m
Wing Folded. Trike Folded
Overall Height 2.05m
Overall Length 5.50m
Overall Width 1.75


Empty Weight 235 kg
Maximum All Up Weight 450 kg
Maximum Cockpit Load 220kg
Individual Seat load 11Okg
Overall Length 4.15m
Overall Height 2.75m



Rotax 912 (80hp) / 912ULS  (100ph)
Fuel Consumption 13 lph
Fuel Capacity 65 litre