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We are one of the worlds largest microlight aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, with over 4000 aircraft flying since 1983.


Standard Summary

The one that started it all. The Quik with its small 10.6 sqm wing offers un-matched light handling and a reasonable turn of speed. 54-83mph trim speed, and a stall speed of less than 40mph make it simply fun to fly.  A traditional king posted wing. When introduced it flew straight into winning ways by claiming the microlight world championship victory, and subsequently going onto capturing the hearts of all who fly it.

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Wing Area 10.6sqm
Wing Span 8.35m
Max Straight & Level Speed 10O mph
Never Exceed Speed Vne 115 mph
Trim Fast Cruise (max / min AUW) 55-80mph/55-82mph
Stall Speed 40mph
Climb Rate at MAUW 1200ft min
Rate Of Descent at MAUW 600ft min
Ultimate Strength +6g -3g


Empty Weight 215 kg
Maximum All Up Weight 409 kg
Maximum Cockpit Load 200 kg
Individual Seat load 11O kg
Overall Length 3.7m


Rotax 912 80hp / 912ULS 100ph
Fuel Consumption 13 lph
Fuel Capacity 65 litre