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We are one of the worlds largest microlight aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, with over 4000 aircraft flying since 1983.

P&M Aviation was formed in 2003 combining the best of Mainair Sports and Pegasus Aviation, and drawing on the expertise and knowledge gained in over a quarter of a century of microlight aviation design and experience.

Take advantage of our unique mail order and back-up service. Thousands of items - from nuts and bolts to helmets and radios - always available and can often reach you the next day. Just check the on-line shop or pick up the phone and place your order - we accept most credit cards.

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Spring 2014 Newsletter


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Latest News

March 2014
Rotax Service Bulletins - Owners are reminded to check the various Rotax Service Bulletins as some of the deadlines for free/reduced priced replacements expires on 31st May 2014.  Overseas customers please check with your Rotax supplier in your country. Click here to find out more

November 2013

Winter Newsletter

August 2013

Summer Newsletter 


Februay 2013 - CT Supralight

Coming soon to the UK the new CT Supralight, a development of the Flight Design CT range. The CT Supralight features a new composite sprung undercarriage, CTLS wingtips and all within the UK microlight definition. For more details see Supralight Details


January 2013 - British Antarctic Microlight Expedition

P&M Aviation are proud to support the British Antarctic Microlight Expedition being flown by Flying For Freedom. Flying for Freedom are mounting a daring expedition to be undertaken by eight wounded and injured servicemen designed to bring to the attention of Britain and British Business the urgent need to build self-sustaining activities that get our veterans back into work and daily life. The Expedition, in partnership with Help for Heroes will show their ability not their disability as they each fly by microlight to the South Pole


January 2013 - Manual Updates
Quik GTR Manual now published on line. All USA Lights Sport Aircraft Manuals updated to include GTR wing option. See downloads section.


November 2012 - Mandatory Service Bulletin 132 Updated to Issue 3
Mandatory Service Bulletin 132 now updated to issue 3. Test procedure on untensioned wings only. All owners of Quik range of aircraft should read and action the bulletin  - Link to Bulletin.  For all service bulletins - Link to all Bulletins


November 2012 - Technora Strips Guarantee
P&M Aviation are pleased to offer a life time guarantee on all Technora Strips fitted to the Quik range of aircaft. The life time guarantee being applied to the original owner, with subsequent owners recieving a 5 year guarantee from the date the strips were applied. For details, terms and conditions view statement.


November 2012 - Mandatory Service Bulletin 132 Updated to Issue 2
Mandatory Service Bulletin 132 now updated to issue 2 with increased test loads. All owners of Quik range of aircraft should read and action the bulletin  - Link to Bulletin.  For all service bulletins - Link to all Bulletins


May 12 - Quik GTR UK Approved 

Gallery Now Added

The new Quik GTR has recieved UK Approval against the requirments of BCAR Section S. It features the standard Quik trike unit with a new 13sqm topless wing offering good all round performance. Also available as an option is the Explorer which features large 6 inch wide wheels and tyres for excelent soft field capabilities.


Nov 11 - The Flying Show - Dawn Of a New Era The PulsR

P&M Aviation proudly launched a new era in microlight flying with the PulsR at the Flying Show 2011. This stunning new aircraft was unveiled to the public for the first time.
The PulsR is an all composite trike unit with a new 13sqm topless wing the GTR.
For photographs of the launch goto our gallery pages.
Further details will be published shortly.


Nov 11 – Flight Design CT Fly-In Page, Arizona USA.

The Flight Design CT Fly-In recently held in the beautiful area of Page, Arizona, USA, was covered on-site by one of the UK’s leading aviation media sources, LOOP. A full colour professionally produced video, has now been posted on YouTube, with owners comments and stunning shots of the Flight Design CT/CTLS all with the magnificent scenery as a breath taking backdrop.


Flight Designs CTLS also features in the November 2011 issue of Loop with a 12-page flight evaluation of a new CTLS by the well-respected and widely read journalist, David Calderwood.


Sept 11 - Flight Design Fly In at Husbands Bosworth Airfield 

The first Flight Design CT fly-in at Husbands Bosworth Airfield took place on the 17th-18th September, and despite the best efforts of the weather a total of 24 Flight Design aircraft made it to the event. Photos will be published shortly. Thank you to the Husbands Bosworth Gliding Club for allowing the use of their excellent facilities and a special thank you to Peter Walker for all his hard work in organising the event.


August 11




On the 28th April 2011 British paraplegic pilot David Sykes set off on the adventure of a lifetime. In his P&M Aviation Quik, he flew from York in England to Sydney in Australia. He completed his epic journey on 25th August 2011.


June 11 - Service Bulletin 133 Updated to Issue 2
Service Bulletin 133 now updated to issue 2, giving more detailed instructions on how to test wing sail. Also recommending the use of Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof.  ...more...>>


June 11 - Nikwax Solarproof Now Available From P&M Aviation .
Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof is now available from our on-line shop and also mailorder. Solarproof has a UV blocker which will help to reduce the effects of UV degradation on the wing sail. ...more >>


April 11 - Follow Dave Sykes As He Flies His Quik From England To Australia

On the 28th April 2011 British paraplegic pilot David Sykes set off on the adventure of a lifetime. In his P&M Aviation Quik, he is flying from York in England to Sydney in Australia. To chart his progress and to find out more follow the link above.


Feb 11 - QuikR Breaks World Speed Record.
David Broom and John Lawrence flying a QuikR from Sutton Meadows has set not one, but two world records with a standard 912s QuikR. They achieved 164.53km/h average over a closed circuit, beating the previous record of 146.7km.h set by the GT450. Also setting 165.74km/h over a straight 15km course...more >>

August 10 - QuikR Wins European Microlight Championships.
The QuikR, piloted by World Champion Rob Grimwood and Navigator John Waite wins the 2010 European Microlight Championships held at Sywell, Northamptonshire. They comfortable demonstrated the all round performance of the QuikR succesfully taking off and landing in a 100m box during precision tasks, whilst completely out performing all in both economy and speed tasks. ...more >>

Feb 10 - CT2K & CTSW Obtain UK Approval With A Ballistic Parachute.
The CT2K & CTSW obtain full approval for the installation of a Junkers ballistic soft pack parachute. The installation also includes an increase...more >>

August 09 - QuikR Wins Again. This Time The World Microlight Championships.
Hot on the success in the World Air Games, the QuikR piloted by Rob Grimwood and navigator Andy Aiken has won Gold in the 12th FAI World Microlight Championships...more >>